Sunday, May 13, 2007

Dinner at Dragon Rouge

Dinner last night at Dragon Rouge, which is a slightly upscale Vietnamese place in Alameda (though still affordable). Nice dining room (sorry, no photo) and well and truly packed. We waited quite a while with a beer and a "pomosa" (champagne with pomegranate juice) before a couple of spots opened up at the bar for eating.
I took this photo of the kitchen area while we were waiting. The heavenly smells were driving us crazy! The food coming off the line was steaming hot and nicely presented, which made us more willing to stick around to try it ourselves.

We enjoyed a "Phantastic Roll" (from Phan Thiet) with crispy pork.
Garlic noodles (first time we've seen parmesan cheese offered with a Vietnamese dish)
and Silver Dragon soup, which was pho-ish, with some beef, plus crab leg and shrimp.

Afterward, we went to Tucker's for ice cream. As we were leaving, the couple next to us at Dragon Rouge came in for ice cream, too. Great minds!

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