Thursday, May 10, 2007


Also on the home tour, I coveted this pergola. It is simple yet elegant, and seems like it would be fairly simple to build (says the nonbuilder). Four posts set in concrete, four crossbeams, steel bars threaded through holes in the beams. I also envision a waterproof canvas "roof" that could live on a roller like a window blind, and just be stretched across over the bars if were raining lightly but still warm enough to eat outside.

The French doors are nice, too, but I'm not sure how I could swing those.


  1. That is a fabulous pergola - I've wanted one of those in the yard for years - I picture a rustic wood table with metal/wood slat folding chairs (think Italian farmhouse)- good friends - good food - and several bottles of wine. (Maybe grapevines growing on the top of the pergola for atmosphere - altho roses and clematis would fill the bill for me too)

  2. Ah - didn't think of wisteria - that doesn't grow really well here - but that would be lovely. If I ever talk Mark into making me one, you are invited over to enjoy it - yes, definitely with wine.