Friday, May 18, 2007

Tote 'em

Thank goodness for Costco! Not long ago I spotted these 12-gallon totes there for $6 apiece and bought a few, thinking they'd be good for clearing some excess books from my shelves for storage in the garage. (While looking for an image online, I see that Staples has them on sale for $10 apiece, so I am feeling smug)

Well, I've now filled 30 of them with non-fiction (not counting cookbooks), and I just got another 25 for fiction. I'm not sure how much they weigh full, but I'd say at least 50 pounds. I can lift them enough to stack them five high. (I'm using a dolly to get them out to the garage, though.) That means the movers should have no problem, assuming they're at least as strong as I am (god, they better be).

All the books will have to live in the new garage for a while until I can get bookcases built. Happily, my carpenter is still around and will take a look at the house after I close next week.


  1. You close next week? How exciting! Our older son collects books and we have helped him move a couple of times - always to second floor apts, of course!! Books get heavy fast. But I'm impressed you're in such great shape :)

  2. I've got about 3,000 books. Unfortunately, a lot of them will be living upstairs at the new house, so I'll have months and months of carry stacks of them up the stairs once the bookcases are built.