Tuesday, May 08, 2007

"Distract the neighbors" grilled chicken with "subsistence tabbouleh"

A while back I posted about "The Language of Baklava," a memoir about growing up in a Jordanian-American family, which included recipes. The other night Mom and I tried " 'Distract the neighbors' grilled chicken" and "subsistence tabbouleh."

I've made tabbouleh many times before, so that was easy. The basic recipe benefited from the addition of some red and yellow sweet peppers and mint. It could have used a little more lemon.

The kebabs were also easy; we used boneless skinless thigh meat and marinated it overnight, then grilled it on skewers. The marinade consists of olive oil, lemon, garlic, rosemary, brown sugar, cumin, cayenne,salt and pepper.

We grilled some large mushrooms as well, and the result was most tasty. Two pounds of chicken meat made enough to feed four people, and the leftovers make for a great lunch the next day.


  1. That looks really yum! Chicken and tabouleh make an excellent combination.

    I like my tabouleh with lots of lemon juice, too. I was spoiled by a lovely Lebanese woman who made the best tabouleh and baba ghanouj. She sold her shop to her son and it's just not the same. Although I always got a free kibbeh just for coming in, no matter who owned it!

    I am going to try this when the weather improves.

    Did you use a marinade for the mushrooms? A friend of mine told me the joys of using Italian Dressing as a marinade. We made bbq'd shrimp and they were fabulous. Your mushrooms make me want to try it on them!

  2. I brushed a little of the chicken marinade on the mushrooms as they were grilling, but it didn't do much. They were quite good just as they were, as an earthy and smooth foil to the tangy tabbouleh and chicken.

    I haven't tried marinating with Italian dressing before cooking, but I do like to grill vegetables such as asparagus and then toss them with Italian and let them sit in the fridge for a while.