Thursday, March 16, 2017

Charlie Was a Good Cat

My mom had to have her cat put to sleep today. Charlie was a girl cat whom Mom named after Charles M. Schulz of "Peanuts" fame. Charlie brought Mom great comfort after a difficult time in her life. We found Charlie at a shelter in Wisconsin, and from the get-go she was chill yet vocal.

She was a little cat compared with our big kitties (Enver, for example, totally fills this same cat bed to overflowing). But she had a big personality and lots to say. If you picked her up, she often sounded like she was about to tear your to shreds, but it was all just bluster. She secretly liked it.

Late in life she even became somewhat cuddly with people other than Mom. The Sergeant was thrilled to have her climb into his lap at the cabin last summer. She was skinny and arthritic, and I worried about her then.

We're not sure how old she was, but close to 20. She had a good long life with Mom, and they loved each other a lot.

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