Sunday, March 19, 2017

Mountain Outing

The Sergeant and I drove up to Basalt on Saturday to visit friends. Basalt is near Aspen, about three hours west of Denver. It was nice to get out of town a little. We stayed in an AirBnB that was big bedroom and bathroom on the ground floor of a mountain house, with our own entrance. I liked it fine, except it got noisy pretty early in the morning: the owners were hammering on something and their toddler was running around on the floor above us. Still, it was cheap(ish) and convenient.

Our friends have two small children (hence the AirBnB) and enjoyed some adult interaction amidst toddler-wrangling. (That's one of their speedy little tykes above.) Good food and chatting happened. I also got some stitching done.

Sunday morning we all drove through Woody Creek, where Hunter S. Thompson used to live, and into Aspen for lunch. It's such a pretty town, and the architecture is amazing. Restored Victorian cottages, some grander Gothic brick architecture, intermingled with lots of modern design. Everything is manicured and well-maintained because, well, it's Aspen.

There was World Cup ski racing happening while we were there, but it was a bit surreal, since it was also 75 degrees out. The snow is pretty yucky right now, and nonexistent on many of the lower runs. I hope we get some good storms in the mountains this spring! (But I don't want more snow in Denver, since everything is blooming or leafing out already. Snow is hard on leafy trees and fruit blossoms.)

The drive back to Denver was uneventful, and not even too ski-trafficky. We had enough daylight left to do some watering and garden cleanup.

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