Monday, January 15, 2007

Food for brain and belly

San Francisco is a feast. A visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art offered these images:
That's a catwalk on the 5th floor. There are cutouts in the walls whose size is deceptive, too. They seem not so very big until you put a person in them:
(Can't take photos in the galleries themselves, or I'd add a few images from there. We did get a kick out of Michael Jackson and Bubbles, a life-size porcelain sculpture by Jeff Koons.)
The city also offers dining options galore, especially of the Asian persuasion. I didn't get any pictures of Friday night's lamb kebab, but here's Saturday's sukiyaki and udon bowls:
Followed by the indulgence of Tucker's world-famous ice cream:
And then there's Sunday dim sum, this time at Legendary Palace in Oakland. Notable to some as the scene of the shooting of a Chinese bookie shortly after it opened a few years ago. Notable to us for its extremely affordable but yummy spread. And classic kitschy decor.

Particular favorites: Pork bunsAnd sesame balls. Also interesting were these shaggy shrimp bundles:

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