Friday, January 05, 2007

My sugar, my spice

After more than a week of snow delay, Fed-Ex finally delivers a very special Christmas present:
Though I wasn't sure for a while I could get the package open. Multiple layers of cardboard had been glued together, and then wrapped in countless layers of (free) postal tape, then more cardboard, then good tape. Oh, and of course, styrofoam peanuts inside, garbage bags and more tape. It took me a long time, working carefully with a box-cutter. What emerged was something I've been so looking forward to!
Isn't it perfect? I'm so excited and pleased to finally have a place to put my spices that is not all crowded and jumbled and cuss-worthy. And it was made by my most talented and thoughtful sweetheart.


  1. Oooh, very nice! I need to think about something like that... I'm getting very tired of fumbling in the deep deep dark cabinets for all mine, knocking stuff over, etc. I do have those plastic stairstep thingies for spice bottles but they don't hold half the stuff...

  2. That's exacty what I was coping with. Deep cabinet, plastic steppy things, jumbled dog-awful mess. I kept buying duplicate spices because the jars would migrate to the back and I would think I was out.