Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hey look! I won a goody bag from my friend's blog, Covetable. A drawing courtesy of BussBuss.

A t-shirt, bikini, scarf, camo leggings, jewelry, hand lotion, magazines. Fun!

I particularly like the scarf. It's got nice colors, and one can never have too many warm fuzzy scarves.

I'll be interested to see how well the bikini fits, too.


  1. Ooh, I am jealous! I enter all those covetable contests (except this one) and so far haven't won anything. Hey, if the bikini doesn't fit, I have a Bahamas trip coming up if you'd like to send it along...

  2. Well, now you have proof there are indeed winners, so keep on entering!

    My concern is that the bikini may be too large, actually, so unless you think your butt is bigger than mine (which I doubt) ...

    Anyway, I haven't gotten around to trying it on yet. There are probably complex psychological reasons for this that I'd rather not explore.

    Have fun in the Bahamas!

  3. Heh. You're correct on all counts. Also, no one wants to try on a bikini in winter - for starters, you're forced to look at your stomach which you've successfully hidden from for several months, two, you're probably fish-belly white with all blue veins to the forefront and three, it's winter and likely you haven't been keeping up with the shaving.

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  5. I'm so excited that you won...did you ever try on the bikini?