Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Hitting the pavement

At last! Three weeks after the first of three storms, the city finally gets around to removing the roller-coaster of solid ice in front of the school at the end of my block. The roller-coaster that I've had to ride every day. But the majority of the side streets and even some of the bigger ones are still a god-awful mess. Seriously, it's like going out four-wheeling in a boulder field, all 6-inch-thick ice punctuated by ridges, furrows and potholes. Everyone without four-wheel drive has wrecked their suspension, and I'm sure there's been any number of fender benders caused by wheels catching a rut and just sending cars sliding into each other, even if they're going slow. (I worry about hitting parked cars this way.)

I'll have to get photos tomorrow of the snow mountains that resulted from this exercise. They carted away some of it, but left the rest. Maybe it will melt by spring.

The image at right is animated. If you don't see the animation, click on it!

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