Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The best-laid schemes

There are mice in my garage. I picked up a big bag of grass seed and the bottom fell out. Little furry bodies fled, their plans for a life of luxury foiled.

So I'm thinking: Ech, there's a cleaning job. Then I'm thinking: Urgh, hantavirus.

Happily, the CDC has a whole hantavirus site, with clean-up tips.

My plan to clean yesterday was foiled by lack of bleach. Today it's raining. Maybe tomorrow.

Yeah. Tomorrow.


  1. yargh - the critters are everywhere! A couple years ago they built their winter nest in our lake pump - what a lovely surprise that was when we went to prime it for the season! Last fall we could hear them in the walls, so Mark put out D-Con - not a good solution. Every time he went out of town on a business trip, I'd go down to the basement and find a dead mouse laying on the floor. (like how did they know he was out of town and it would be a fun time to drop dead????) In a related note, every winter the dogs find shrews outside that aren't quite quick enough, and leave them for me to find - little gifts for Mom. You have to laugh.

  2. Ack. I've been lucky not to get them in the house.

    Today I'm definitely cleaning the garage. *Shudder*