Thursday, March 29, 2007

Great minds?

The camera just doesn't do justice to these colors. We're talking really chartreuse, really turquoise.

There's a hot pink one around here somewhere, too.


  1. Personally I'm kind of tired of all the beige houses we see around here - but chartreuse may be carrying it a bit too far!

    Our house is very old, and as we've uncovered various things during projects, we've found brick around the fireplace painted chartreuse, an outside door also chartreuse - and then beadboard adjacent to the door painted turquoise AND yellow - looks like at the same time. Kind of scratching our heads on that one!

  2. (By the way, our house is white - which shows even less imagination than beige - so please don't take that as a slam!!!!)

  3. There's a mustard-colored house in my neighborhood and they have a lime green Honda Element. I purposely drive by it on the way to work sometimes because I think the combo is so pretty.

  4. Check out this very green house: