Tuesday, March 27, 2007

But it's Blue Bell!

Every time I open the freezer at work to get ice lately, this container is there. I don't know whose it is. But I find it ... baffling. Yellow cake flavor? With frosting? And sprinkles? American Idol? What?

I know that the marketing of products requires differentiating yourself from the competition, and reinventing yourself constantly. But really, I think this may be going too far.

In the same fridge tonight, thanks to a generous co-worker, a couple of smaller, nondescript containers. They don't look like much, but they contain Blue Bell ice cream, which is very creamy and good. I took a little of each of the four flavors: banana pudding, vanilla, cookies 'n' cream and mint chip.
Blue Bell is a Texas thing. I was in Houston a couple of years ago with a friend who got rip-roaring drunk and who was being steered toward bed when one of our hosts came back from picking up ice cream. "You can have ice cream tomorrow," we assured drunk friend and got her upstairs. About five minutes later she came weaving back down. "But it's Blue Bell!"

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