Friday, March 23, 2007

Out and about

Euphorbia is common and can be invasive, but it's very pretty, I think. The distinctive and precise geometry of the leaves, all sharp and angular, with sunny yellow flowers at the end in their little cups.

We met a friendly dog on our walk today. Usually dogs are much more aggressive behind their fences, but this one just wanted to say hello and have his (her?) chin skritched.
Other dogs go crazy when we walk by. Is it the fence that causes their anger, or is it their anger that requires the fence? You can tell dogs "see" with their noses ... it's never their eyes pressed up to the knotholes.

Another funny sight: I wonder what this realtor's parents were thinking.

And then there's some unusual "yard art": a fenced-in, colorful car. I wonder if it doubles as a gazebo.


  1. Your neighborhood hasn't cornered the market on dubious yard art! (If I'm interpreting your question correctly)

    If you mean it literally, no. Though I was about halfway there.