Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Gratuitous cute dog photos

Nothing to report this morning, except that Sophie is still cute. I caught her with her head in the box of rawhide flips, which is not verboten, just funny. She gets bored, goes in and pulls out a few, picks one to gnaw on and leaves it half-chewed somewhere else in the house. She is not deterred by such obstacles as an open dryer door or bubble wrap. Occasionally I walk around and pick them all up and throw them back in the box.


  1. Such self control. My dog would have to take them *all* out and leave them all over the floor.

  2. She's never been able to pick her own before, because the chewies lived in a drawer, and even when I offered, she preferred to have me pull them out one at a time and offer them up for her yea or nay. (I was well-trained.)