Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Summer pasta

I keep buying produce at the farmers market with no clear idea of what I'll do with it, and after a couple days I realize I'd better just toss it all together in something.

Purple onions are so pretty:

And fresh garden tomatoes, blanched ...

... and then chilled to remove the skins.

While pasta is boiling in the tomato water, in which beans have been similarly cooked (no sense in dirtying another pot or wasting energy boiling more water), the tomatoes are added to sauteed onions, garlic, oregano, some cumin seeds, red pepper flakes, a smoosh of sundried tomato paste, some dehydrated bell peppers ... whatever's handy and sounds good. Cook it all down into a sauce and add the beans and some squash.
Toss the pasta in when it's done and voilĂ , summer pasta!

(Thanks to Smitten Kitchen for the inspiration!)


  1. Yum! Brilliant--I think this is exactly what I want for dinner tonight.

  2. That looks awesome. I love that pasta too. Gemelli or something like that?

  3. Very good! I had to look at the package. I was going to use something long, like linguini, but I couldn't find it. The hazards of moving; I just threw everything in the cabinets to get the boxes out of the way, so I'm not entirely clear on what's where.

    I was thinking when I made this that it looked like twisted clothesline.

  4. I love reading your food ideas great to see you using seasonal produce from the farmers markets