Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Pigeon pie

Debra over at Cashmere Dreams posted about "pigeon prints" ... the rather horrifying result of failing to note that office window glass is a solid. I thought I'd share another example of an urban hazard for those rats with wings. This was taken by my friend Jenny out her office window downtown a few years ago.


  1. OH GROSS, serious pigeon pie! What a close-up. (Wonder how she did it?!?!?)

    Two falcons live on top of the building next to mine. (One male, one female. I guess the girls are bigger.) Not surprising, I guess, because we're only a few blocks from the Mississippi.

    Anyway, last spring they caught a pigeon and disemboweled the thing over the course of two days on a cantalever (edge hangy-over-thingy) a floor down from me and across the street. Pigeon feathers flew around for days. Oh, was it gross. Strangely entertaining... but gross.

  2. It was right outside her window! The falcon did know that glass is a solid and wasn't fazed by an audience.

    It's so nice to know that peregrines have adapted so well to urban living, after being brought to the verge of extinction by DDT.

  3. Ok, so I think I should add that the pigeon prints occur on the Skyways. They run over the streets on the 2nd floor of buildings throughout downtown. It's an elongated glass cube/rectangle bridge. I'm sure it looks like air to many birds- except for the humans walking by. (I've heard that the Twin Cities has the largest enclosed skyway system in the world.)

  4. Ok, I do have to admit that I did laugh at the photo. Is that bad of me? What does that say about me? Don't answer...I don't want to know.

    Great photo!

  5. Mr. Bonkers, tough-guy cat extraordinaire, has pigeon pie once every couple of months, if he's lucky. Those mourning doves are not the swiftest nor smartest birds in our yard. He eats the head and breast meat and leaves the rest.

  6. Debra, I've heard of those skyways, though I can't say I noticed them that much on my visits to the Cities, probably because I wasn't right downtown. Aren't there a lot of tunnels there, too?

    bertandfelix, it is funny, if you don't like pigeons. And do like falcons.

    Lisa, ew. I'm guessing the leftovers are sometimes offered to you as a "surprise gift"?