Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mail call

In today's post was a lampshade:
And rocks!
Not in the same package, though.

I got the shade while on vacation. It's very Victorian, and I had a hunch it would match the colors in my living room. The flash belies the fact that it is a lighter shade of the wall color, and it is exactly the same color as the upholstery on the window seat. Now I can have fun looking in thrift stores for a suitable lamp.

The rocks will go in the tumbler. I collected them while they were wet, so I know just what they'll look like polished. Beautiful!


  1. Great lampshade and beautiful rocks! I love rocks.

  2. I like the lampshade too. Mark collects rocks whenever he travels near a beach. When we were in France I was trying to decide what to bring back to family and friends. At the beach in Nice, Mark chose a couple rocks as keepsakes. A-ha - perfect take home gifts. So I spent the last 4 days of our vacation hauling around a suitcase full of rocks. It really would have been much smarter to send them to myself!!

  3. I can't imagine mailing rocks from Europe would be very economical, though!