Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Morning stroll

Walking by this plant, I noticed the bees first, then realized it's the most ginormous dill plant I've ever seen. They don't call it dill weed for nothing!
Not just bees, but wasps and hornets were all going to town on it. It made me a little nervous to get really close because unlike bees, wasps and hornets can get really pissy about being disturbed. There were so many, I thought there might even be a nest in the ground right there, but no, it was just the lure of the dill.
Then I walked by a house that's been under construction for a long time, and is finally close to being finished. It's not hideous but wow, guess how much they want for it? $1.15 million! Holy shit.

There's a newer house like this around the corner from me that is also priced at over $1 million, and is quite spectacular inside (I saw it on the home tour), but it's been on the market for more than a year.
I also saw some creative repurposing of patio awning supports that would be a little less obvious if they took the top bits off. And then there's the creative repurposing of lawn as driveway. I'm sure the neighbors are appreciative.


  1. I've never seen a dill plant that big! The invasion of the McMonsters - ick! Some cities in our area are putting moratoriums on these houses - we're hoping to get some guidelines here too. It won't help with the one we already have, but maybe the whole neighborhood won't be dwarfed by more of them.

  2. It really is a shame how much these things destroy the character of a neighborhood. I've seen a few that look OK, but those are usually the ones being built by the people who plan to live in them, and who go to extra lengths to use quality materials and design elements that match the surrounding homes. But most of them are built on spec by developers who only care about maximizing their profit by cutting corners.

  3. wow. expensive real estate. Attractive house though.