Tuesday, August 07, 2007

They're everywhere

Of course, now that I've noticed hibiscus once, I'm seeing them all over the place. I think conditions must be just right for them this year, since they are so very spectacular. I love the flower-within-the-flower, though I don't see that they are attracting much in the way of bees. There's even one as tall as a house!

I'm very fond of red-hot poker:The bees are, too. See that little bee butt poking out?
And the neighbors have gorgeous peaches. It's a shame they're not picking them.Kris at Gardens on the Lake (Minnesota) had pictures of balloon flowers. It's not very common here, but I did notice one today. Maybe it likes more shade and moisture than we generally have. We went from drought and temps in the 90s to a week of cloudy mornings and afternoon rains, which may have helped. It's very nice for early morning and late evening walks.


  1. Gorgeous flowers, but those peaches! It's impossible to buy real peaches anymore if you don't live in a peach growing state.

  2. Those hibiscus are beautiful - I just love the size and the vibrant colors. Can't you offer to pick your neighbor's peaches before the wasps get to them??! Our neighbor has a peach tree (yes, in Minnesota!) - the peaches are pretty small, but he gets a ton each year and they taste like real peaches!

  3. I am tempted to leave a note for the neighbors. I rarely see them outside, but that's probably because I'm walking by when they're at work or after they've gone to bed.