Sunday, March 13, 2011

Angry birds

The duplex next door used to be Pigeon Central, until the owners got bird spikes installed in most of the abundant nooks and perches. So what happened? The pigeons moved over here.

Two pigeons in particular, who set up housekeeping in the space between the kitchen roof and the upstairs deck. There was a gap just large enough for them to squeeze through on one end. They built a nest and raised at least one set of babies (Peep! peep! peep! Flutter flutter!).

Finally the Sergeant hauled out his air compressor and blasted air in from the opposite side of the hole. Out popped the pigeons and on popped a piece of wood to block access.

Oy. The dramatic cooing and flapping that has ensued! They might have had eggs, but not babies (no peeping). Still, they hang about projecting pathos, bobbling across the deck, attempting to hover around the edges, looking for access. Pigeons are not built to hover, but they do their damnedest.

It almost makes feel sorry for them. Well, no, I do feel sorry for them. But they'll just have to rebuild somewhere else.

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