Friday, March 18, 2011


Oh, those poor, sad pigeons. Evicted from their cozy nest under the back deck, they decided to try again – this time on a tiny ledge over the front door. I took this photo with my cellphone a couple of nights ago.

There was a narrow slot there into which the pigeons started packing nesting material. Big enough for eggs, I guess, if not for a whole pigeon.
Enter the bird spikes. They're not all that sharp, but they are enough to deter a pigeon from landing.
Even psycho zombie pigeons, if the box is to be believed.
Now they keep fluttering around the front door, occasionally landing on the ledge with Walter the fake pigeon. But they don't stay there long. The glass on the back makes them too nervous.

Where will they try to build next? Stay tuned.

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