Thursday, March 10, 2011

Deb takes the cake

Isn't that the most awesome cake ever? Even more so because it was baked by one cow-orker and decorated by another. Not store-boughten, but a moist, delicious carrot cake that I want to make myself one of these days (I wheedled the recipe).

Deb is quitting office work to be an urban homesteader. She became a Master Gardener, built a greenhouse, got some chickens, and will get some bees from me once swarm season rolls around.

Sweet, eh?


  1. Hey
    I saw that groupon's deal for Denver today is a walking tour with Denver Gourmet and thought it sounded like something you might enjoy. Wish we had stuff like this in Nebraska :)

  2. Love it! The cake i mean. Although the urban homesteading sounds great too. In case Deb decides to blog about her homesteading experiences she might be interested in the little brouhaha concerning the attempted trademarking of the term "urban homesteading." I first heard about this on Garden Rant:

    You talk about swarm season rolling around like it was a good thing. I know that you are an experienced swarm catcher, and I have learned a lot watching your videos. But now that I have a hive and (knock on wood) it has survived 11 months in my yard, I am dreading swarm season. My fears are legion, but top among them is a swarm landing in a neighbor's yard in an inaccessible place. Or even in my yard in an inaccessible place. So I guess I'll be doing a lot of swarm prevention, even though it seems unnatural (and maybe impossible?). I'm still so conflicted about beekeeping. Should I be doing it? Can I do it? Am I doing it right? Do I make stupid decisions? Should I have used the top bar method? Stop! I'm annoying myself.

  3. The cake looks so yummy! Debby is so lucky to have awesome cow-workers.

  4. Wow excellent cake. Even better that it was made by her friends

  5. But *real* Farmville, Manisha.

    Thanks, Jenne! I hadn't seen that. We've got a bunch of foodie things on the horizon, so I'm going to tuck that away for future reference.

    Julie, :-)

    Pam, I've heard about that brouhaha. So ludicrous.

    I suspect my hive could swarm this year, but I'm not too worried about it. If it happens, I just hope I'm around and can maybe catch the swarm and give it to Deb.

    Thing is, if a swarm lands in your yard or a neighbor's yard, it's only going to stay there long enough to find a new home, and then move on.

    Your main worry would then be whether your remaining bees will produce a viable queen. That's what *I* worry about, anyway.

  6. Blue and Breezy, she is lucky indeed! And well-deserving. We miss her.

  7. That is a truly beautiful cake! And it sounds like it tasted as good or better than it looks.

    Good luck to Deb on her move into urban homesteading.