Wednesday, March 02, 2011

I need your opinion

Looking at smart phones. Which do you prefer, Droid or iPhone? Be specific, please.


  1. I love my iPhone more than I love some humans. I am an Apple fan, however. All of my technology is from Apple or is Apple-compatible.

    I love how intuitive it is. I love these apps:

    Voice Memos
    Text messaging

    not in any particular order. I use all of them, near-daily.

    I know this isn't specific enough, because all smart phones pretty much do what an iPhone does. You've got a choice between AT&T and Verizon now. I know that you dislike AT&T.

  2. We are in the same plane.

    I asked my class (14 year olds) and the battle began. Most hate touch screens because texting is more difficult. They like their blackberries. It was split between Droid and Iphone. Droid kids being louder.

    I want an iphone for look and feel. I hate the bulky droid. However, I like seeing my emails all at once on home screen of my blackberry touch. Also, business emails are a problem on iphone. I use google docs alot so maybe droid.

    I want an IDroidBerry!

  3. Thanks, Anonymous commenter from :-)

    That's a strong case, BG! Yeah, I hate AT&T, so I'm glad I have Verizon as an iPhone option now.

    MBP, 14-year-olds are a good audience to poll, since they've never been without the Internet. Hard-core users!

    I'm still on the fence. My old LG is a workhorse, so I can wait a bit. The Sergeant got a new Droid I can play with.

  4. I like my iphone, but I would go with Verizon, as I have fairly poor coverage with AT&T (for instance, I can't always receive phone calls or e-mail from my office in downtown Denver).