Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ghost bud

My houseplants are lucky the Sergeant moved in, since I have a black thumb for anything green indoors. He's much more conscientious about watering and such.

Case in point: The amarylises (amaryli?) that I waited too long to stash in the lightless cellar for forced dormancy ... and then forgot about.

I was rummaging in the deep freeze the other day when this one (on top of the freezer) caught my eye. Whoa!

Just goes to show you, plants really do want to grow, no matter what.


  1. wow that's crazy! It was growing in the freezer?

  2. That was growing in your freezer? It's so straight! I agree with Jenn: very curious.

  3. Oh! No, it was on top of the freezer. But it had sprouted leaves and sent up a bud in total darkness. It was all white!

    Now it's getting green. We'll see if the bud produces a decent flower.

  4. Blanched like an endive. Plants are certainly determined, or the equivalent.

  5. It's like white asparagus. I have to admit, when I first saw the photo I though it was a candle.