Monday, March 14, 2011

Springing forward

Yeah, losing that hour of sleep is a bummer.
But it means more time to enjoy such pretties, if you're not an early riser.


  1. How strange I saw a man kneeling on the grass taking pictures of the crocuses in the early morning sun on my way to work this morning and now I see you were at it too.

  2. Which iris are those? They are beautiful...and so early!

  3. Breezy, how funny! Spring is busting out everywhere.

    Gaia, it's Iris reticulata. They're tiny but so pretty. I love them.

  4. Sorry about losing sleep, but I'm glad that the time difference with my daughter is back to 12 hours again, it's easier to calculate.
    It's about day or night, the same time but opposite.

    It must be gorgeous in your place in the Spring!