Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Enver and Reba

The kitties get short shrift here on The Kittalog, despite the feline-friendly title. Not because I don't love them, but they're much less willing to sit still for photos.
Reba is a dilute tortoiseshell. Her brother Enver is a tabby. They both came from a feral colony and were almost too old to socialize. Hence the notched ears: When cat rescue folks do catch-and-release of ferals, they will notch the ears to show the cat has been fixed.

When I first met Enver and Reba, they were exceedingly skittish. It would take them several days to warm up to me enough for me to even look at them without them fleeing in terror.
Now Reba runs into the bathroom and hops on the window seat to ask for petting when I am there. That's her safe spot, where jealous Enver won't hassle her.
Enver is a total glutton for petting. He's also a very big boy, at 21 pounds to Reba's 13. He likes to have his belly rubbed. He purrs loudly, meows and makes biscuits. I am careful not to startle him; he's got wicked claws.


  1. Very good of you to give those two torties a good home! I had a semi wild tortie once a long time ago who just turned up one morning under our porch. After days of coaxing she came inside and then never wanted to go out again. She kept to herself most of the time. I think maybe they just are kind of standoffish. My Kitty would NEVER sit ON my lap, only next to me, but I accepted that as part of her strange little self.

  2. Caterina, I've been trying to make Enver into a lap kitty, but he's too nervous. Reba, too, won't just settle down. She's very wiggly. But I suspect they'll come around eventually.

    Thanks, Bklyn!