Tuesday, April 17, 2007


What I should be wearing: These shoes. Too bad they don't come in any size larger than Toddler. The last two days have been extra-long and high-pressure at work, and all the details I have to keep track of are going buzz-buzz-buzz inside my head. I am satisfied it is good work, though.

I haven't accomplished much at home, but at least can still manage a daily walk. Dogs are great for requiring exercise. It was brisk and overcast this morning, but it stopped raining early. The light was bouncing in such a way that it really made the colors pop.

This photo doesn't do these tulips justice. I'm rubbing my hands together knowing they will be blooming for quite a while yet. They're just getting revved up. (And look! The grass needs cutting! Again!)

Our Lady of the Crabapple watches over the garden. Her tree, the appropriately named "Spring Snow" variety, is just getting into full swing. It's a non-fruiting variety I planted two years ago, and I'm happy it likes where it is. Much better than the sickly aspen it replaced.


  1. The crabapple blooms are beautiful. Can't wait to see the tulips when they open!

  2. Nice tulips. Mine have come and are almost gone. It's been a good run, though. They started blooming in January. Now I'm all irises and fading freesias.