Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Roaming in Wyoming

The first sign that you are in Wyoming is the giant cutout of a buffalo up on a hill, with some real buffalo below. (Click on any of these photos to see them larger.)

The next sign is a "Wyoming welcomes you" billboard that's easy to miss among all the other billboards. Just look for Pyro City ("We Destroy!") instead.

Wyoming is filled with exciting destination choices. Here we are in Cheyenne: Gateway to Excitement!
In Cheyenne there wasn't much going on Saturday afternoon. It was really windy and cold. The streets were pretty much devoid of life. Maybe because of March Madness. Or maybe that's just the way it is.

We walked around and admired the signs, old bricks, cool alleys.

We had to go in to The Wrangler store to admire the Western wear.

We were lured by the cowboy on the galloping horse. The cowboy rocks back and forth and the horse's legs move.

We did not buy this shirt. But we bought the one next to it. Then we went to the Sierra Trading Post outlet store and really went crazy with the shopping.

Jesus clouds blessed our return trip.

A little voice said: Exit Here

We did not buy gas. We did not buy lunch.

We did not buy the Dice of Doom.

We lingered by the 12-volt appliances, but we did not linger long.

We barely paused for news of the pig sale.

We were there for one thing.

Yes, a World Famous thing.

The Giant Johnson's Roll of Stickiness.

Thus fortified, we continued on, and soon saw home on the horizon.


  1. We used to go skiing at Steamboat every year when our sons were still willing to go anywhere with us. Our directions from Minneapolis: take 35W to Des Moines, turn right, hang a left at Cheyenne. Never got lost! Now I want to make the trip and stop for Cinnamon Rolls!!

  2. Okay, I need to start getting my facts straight BEFORE I hit the publish button. We, of course, hung a left at Laramie - otherwise we would have ended up in Denver. (I think - now I am totally confused - but honestly, we never got lost!!!) Really all I want to know is: where are the cinnamon rolls???!!

  3. Yes, I believe the left at Laramie gets you to Steamboat. Left at Cheyenne and south to Loveland on I-25 gets you to the cinnamon rolls. Exit 254.