Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dinner at Oshima Ramen

Oshima Ramen is a tiny hole in the wall tucked into an obscure corner of a semi-moribund shopping plaza (less so now that Whole Foods has moved in). It is the only branch of the Japanese chain in the U.S., and boy, is it ever good.
Forget those packages of cardboard-y noodles you ate in college; these are fresh made, cooked just right and so flavorful, you can taste them in all their wheaty smoothness, in addition to the soyu broth, meat, sprouts, seaweed and egg that surround them. The beer comes with a truly frosty mug, and the gyoza are delicious dunked in their spicy sauce. We left groaning at how full our stomachs were. Very affordable, and the service is friendly (with some good silliness) and fast.

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