Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Doomed petals

More snow is on the way, which will spell doom for the magnolia blossoms, alas. And I'm hoping it doesn't mash my tulips too much. The big ones are just about to bloom.

I can't remember what this bulb is on the right. It's very ... fleshy, and has a yellow throat with black spots (need to get a better photo of that). It makes me think of "Little Shop of Horrors." But it's very small.

The tree peony's "hands," meanwhile, are unfurling. No buds yet, but it's early.

Some trees, like the linden I planted a few years ago, haven't even started leafing out yet. They're the smart ones, waiting until the coast is clear.

Our last frost date is May 20.


  1. Yes indeedy, so it is! Thank you.

    I posted a photo of fritillaria below and was thinking, nah, they're totally different, but it's all one big happy family, kind of like Euphorbia. This one is Fritillaria uva vulpis.