Sunday, April 01, 2007

Dinner at Zengo

Mojito? Check.

Appetizers: edamame and Thai chicken empanadas

Crispy tofu

Sea bass

Pork loin

Black cod

The cod was mine. Zengo is one of those trendy places that can't quite decide what to be, so it tries to be everything at once. Latin/Asian fusion menu, and a distracting mishmash of decor. The mojito was good (though lacking sufficient mint), and the appetizers yummy. The entree servings were small (and seemed even smaller in the huge plates, though they looked nice). The cod was described to me as "melt in your mouth," which I think is a euphemism for mushy. It wasn't awful but it wasn't terribly inspiring, either, so I won't go back.

(Yes, I'm muddling all sorts of weekend activities together in these posts.)

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