Saturday, June 23, 2007

Breaking in the stove

So what if it's 90 degrees out? I had some broccoli rabe that needed to be cooked, and some fancy orzo from the farmers market. Blanched the rabe, then sauteed it with shallots, some sun-dried tomato paste and a dash of red pepper flakes. I have no idea where my garlic is or I would've added that, too (I'll probably find it sprouting at the bottom of a box several months from now).

Served over orzo with shredded parmesan. Yummy.


  1. Wow, multicolored orzo? Where'd you get that? It's really pretty.

  2. It's "Supreme Orzo" – Saffron, Fire-Roasted Red Pepper and Porcini Mushroom – from Pappardelles Pasta. They have a booth at the Sunday farmers market near my house.

    Apparently they started at the Cherry Creek farmers market in Denver (which has gotten too big for my taste) and expanded from there.

  3. Oh cool. A bit steep at $7/lb. mail order, but I'm going to keep my eyes open. Everything comes to New York eventually. Maybe.