Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fluttering by

This image looked better on my cellphone.

I'm done painting, the floors are shined, and the realtor took photos today for the brochure. A little more cleanup outside tomorrow morning and they can start showing tomorrow afternoon.

I still have stuff to do after that, but now it's less urgent. Mainly finishing some yard work, clearing out the garage and finding someone to move that pallet of rocks to the new place. Even if I get an offer right away, closing wouldn't be for another month.

Maybe now I can get some sleep.


  1. Good for you! Hope you do get an offer right away. Enjoy catching up on the z's.

  2. I think it still looks fine. Sounds like you've worked really hard. Getting a house ready to sell is a big job. BTW, I have sunburn in that exact same spot. Not fun.

  3. Hi Meresy, thanks for stopping by!

    First showing is this afternoon. I *think* I got everything done that I needed to. Fingers crossed.