Monday, June 18, 2007

Happiness is a full spice rack

(Posted from my cellphone.)


  1. A full spice rack and that picture on the wall, I'm guessing - show more of it - I think I love it!

  2. Oh, that's one of my mom's paintings. I love her work, too!

    I'll show more once I get the place organized. I've got a kajillion pieces of art, so it will take me a while to figure out what to hang and where. The stuff hanging now was just the result of picture in hand, convenient nail on wall.

    The old house still has all the paintings on the walls, since it looks nicer that way (and I'm sure the walls are scuffed behind them).

  3. I noticed a lot of paintings in your slideshow of your other house - they looked very cool. Does your mom do paintings as a hobby or vocation? Can't wait to see more - the one in that photo is fabulous.