Monday, June 04, 2007

Call me Sisyphus

I was so tired at work last night, I thought I'd just swing by the old place on my way home and empty the fridge and freezer and nothing else. Then I looked at the basement and everything that needed to be out of it by noon today when the cleaners return.

Four hours later I'd managed to get everything out of the laundry room, the crawlspace, the storage cupboards, under the stairs ... I spent a certain amount of time just spinning in circles in a fog of indecision. I found a stash of empty boxes in the crawlspace (gee, could've used those earlier) and a lot of paint cans under the stairs (good, since I need to do some touch-up). How did I manage to accumulate so much crap?

And the fridge and freezer are still not emptied.

("Summit of Sisyphus"" photo by Darren Mahuron, Summit Studios, found via Google Images. He does some fascinating work.)

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