Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Second bed syndrome

In knitting, there's a phenomenon known as "second sock syndrome" – once you've finished one sock, it's hard to get going on the second. Not only have I had a second sock sitting unfinished on my needles for the better part of a year, I have also had a second raised bed half-finished in the old backyard. Since I wanted to take most of the pallet of stone that was left, I thought I should at least make a stab at finishing the bed and leave a pile of extra stones for the new owners. Happily, it was cool this morning. I did a crappy job, but it does look better, at least:

A few more flower close-ups:


  1. Love the close up photos. You were really nice to do all that work on your other house!

  2. I guess I could've left it unfinished, but it would've bugged me. Do unto others and all that.

    When I moved into that house, the previous owner had left it spotless, with a little note on the fridge saying, "Welcome home."

    I think that's a good example to follow.