Thursday, June 07, 2007

Message from the past

Found this under the paper lining the top drawer of my grandmother's dresser. Written by my Aunt Sally, who is now in her 50s. If you thought IM talk was a new phenomenon, here's proof that all kids go through this phase.


  1. Cool! One year for Christmas, my dad's mom gave me a little trinket that I had admired on one of my visits to her house. Several months later, I took it out of the box again and found my dad's graduation photo at the bottom of the box! It was kind of nice that she didn't mention it to me over Christmas, because that was like getting the best present when I wasn't all distracted by everything else going on. I have a dresser that my mom's mom gave to me before she died - I just love having things that remind me of my grandmothers!

  2. That's a sweet story.

    One of the things that is nice about the new place is that so much of my furniture comes from my grandmother's and great-grandmother's houses. It fits the era perfectly and looks great now it has room to breathe.