Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Goofing off

I should be doing all sorts of things. Instead, I'm sitting on the front porch with Sophie, goofing around with PhotoBooth.

I did get an estimate on security doors this morning. I'll get another one tomorrow, then decide. I never saw them before I moved here, but I had them on the old house and loved them. You can leave your doors open all the time to get a cross-breeze and not worry about someone walking in.


  1. Very cute picture. Sophie always looks like she has so much personality in her pictures - like she's mischievous but tough but sweet.

    Post more about these security doors, will you? I've never heard of such a thing but they sound pretty great.

  2. Very much mischievous, and sweet.

    You can see the door on my old house here. They're wrought iron, with a deadbolt that locks inside and out, and come with glass and screen inserts. The one on my old house must have been bought off the rack, since it doesn't quite fill the frame top to bottom. The new one on the front door will have an arch at the top (in this style) and will be a dark bronze rather than black.

    The back door and the deck door will be this style.

  3. Ahhhh, I see. That's a really cool idea. I'm thinking the bars must be spaced in such a way that you can't just cut the screen and undo the deadbolt.

  4. The deadbolt requires a key both inside and out, so as long as you don't leave the key within reach of the door, you're OK.

    Plus I have the added deterrent of an angry dog threatening to rip the offending arm off.

    The second estimator came by today and was all wigged out by the need to shim out the doors to hold the metal frame; told me I'd have to hire a carpenter to do it, as he knows "nothing about wood." Whereas the first guy just said matter-of-factly: "We'll need to shim out the frames a little, but that's not a problem."

    Guess who got the job.