Friday, February 20, 2009

Blew and blue

That wind! It wasn't so bad when I took Sophie for a long walk earlier, but now it feels like the whole state is about to be peeled up and flung over Kansas. A good day to enjoy a nap.

But first, some blue items. I am not really into the whole meme/tagging thing but sometimes I see something on another blog that I want to imitate. Today Betts started a "rainbow week" of posting items of different colors, starting with blue. It was easy enough to pick up my camera and join the game.
Many of Mom's paintings have blue skies or blue backgrounds.
Nice to have such a talented (and generous) artist in the family, eh?
Then there are the vases: Chinese enameled ones that were a gift from a student, a deco potpourri vase from my great-grandmother's house, and one of a pair of urns, also ancestral, that holds an umbrella palm in water.
In the kitchen, James Peterson's "Splendid Soups" caught my eye on the cookbook shelves. It's a splendid resource.
On the kitchen windowsill, a pastis carafe. I frequented a Parisian cafe for about a week once and asked the waiter where I could get one. He sent me to the flea market, but when I came back empty-handed, he slipped this one to me.
My grandfather was a great photographer and I am lucky to have many of his bird shots, including this great blue (!) heron.
And finally, ephemeral and lovely, a blue crocus that is blooming in my front yard today. Where has winter gone?


  1. I don't know what you do for a living but your photography is exceptional.

  2. I'm glad you're playing along, because your photos inspire me. Your composition is so good.

    I meant to do the rainbow in order (ROYBV... I'll probably skip I), so I have no idea why I said blue first. I must have been blue without Sweetie around.

  3. What an artistic family you have! Lovely painitings by Mom, and amazing blue heron. We watch blue herons behind our summer cottage in the lagoon, your picture brought us right there.

  4. I saw some crocus leaves peeking out on a walk last weekend - it has been warm lately, but I don't think winter is over yet!

    You are lucky to come from a family of artists.

  5. Every time I see the post title, I start humming "Blue on blue, heartache on heartache ..." Gah.

    Peggy, thanks! I just take photos for fun. Carry the camera around and take enough of them, you're bound to see a little improvement.

    Betts, I've got my eyes open for red, though in my house it's more brick-red than fire-engine-y.

    Joanne, thanks. My grand-dad was devoted to his birds. I think this was probably taken at Ding Darling in Florida.

    Beatrice, no, last night's snow was a not-so-gentle reminder. But really, it's been crazy-mild this year.