Monday, February 02, 2009

Silly kitchen gadget No. 37

This is the see-through version of those colored silicone garlic peelers.

I read the comments on Amazon about how great these things are. Everyone complains about what a pain it is to peel garlic otherwise, trying to pull all the little papery shreds off with their fingernails.

Hello? All you have to do is lay your knife blade flat on a clove of garlic, give it a good thump with the heel of your hand and, voilà, the skin pops right off.

Same principle, but one less object to clean (assuming you're going to be using the knife anyway).

If you want to be really gadgety, you can get a garlic mandoline, too. I'm including this video mainly for the Wisconsin accent. My homeland.

Some people don't want to touch garlic. They don't want the scent of garlic on their fingers. This puzzles me.


  1. I just HAD to have one of those when they were new, since I am sadly gadget-addicted. I quickly found out they are hard to clean and slower than a knife blade whack.

  2. well said - who needs another thing to keep track of and clean. If you really hate peeling garlic, most Asian and gourmet grocers sell it pre-peeled in plastic jars now anyhow.

  3. For awhile, I used a silicone tube... put the garlic in, press down with hand while rolling. As soon as I heard about the knife whack thing, I haven't used that gadget and I won't be trying any others.

  4. i like to use a minimum of 5 different devices when i peel garlic. if i could somehow involve an electric can opener, i would.

  5. Kathi, gadgetophilia is a burden, isn't it? Where did yours end up?

    Dana, exactly. Have you tried that peeled garlic? How do they preserve it?

    Betts, this is the same thing as that tube. Slightly different shape, and it comes in a clear box, but the concept is the same.

    Pink, can't stand the smell on your fingers?

  6. Most of my ill-conceived gadgets wind up at the Goodwill. Maybe I should start shopping for gadgets there, at least my addiction would cost less.