Saturday, February 28, 2009

Who knew?

First of all, this magazine I spotted at Costco yesterday. Cowboys & Indians? WTF? Apparently it's been around for 10 years. With Captain Kirk on the cover, I thought, "Surely this is a hoax." But no, it's for real.

Next up, limestone water. Used in Thai cooking to make things crispier. You buy pink limestone powder (yes, rock dust), shake it up in the water, then soak things in it before frying them. I was looking into making taro chips (more on that later) and found that info and photo here.

Learn something new every day.


  1. Re magazine, I've been intending to query the editors since I first saw it but keep procastinating. It's a glossy magazine, for sure.

    Re. "Captain Kirk" owns a Kentucky horse farm where he breeds quarter horses and saddlebres, and also founded the Hollywood Charity Horse Show and is otherwise in enquine world. So no big surprise.

  2. I can't believe C&I magazine is getting away with that name without protest. It's very un-PC. (Not than I'm so PC.)