Sunday, March 01, 2009

Taro chips: FAIL

OK, if you're Googling around looking for a taro chip recipe, I can give you one piece of advice: Do not make your slices paper-thin.
Taro is a nice starchy tuber, much like a potato. Easy to peel, easy to slice. Tastes a little like potato, too, at least when fried.
I peeled and sliced four small ones, then soaked the slices in water, changing the water a couple of times, to reduce the starch. Much as you'd prepare potatoes for chips. (As I did for these potato chips.) The taro, however, continues to produce this mucilaginous slime that you might find off-putting.

Still the slices fry up OK, and shrink a lot. Here's where you might consider doing this if you have a deep-fryer.
Frying paper-thin slices a few at a time in a pan is way too labor-intensive.

And then there's what happens when you finish frying and forget to turn off the burner before leaving the kitchen.
Whoops! Hack hack cough cough. I have to get a better ventilation system than two open doors and a box fan.

So today I tried another method, baking.
The first batch burned because I was outside talking to a neighbor. The second batch didn't burn, but was still mostly stuck permanently to the foil.
Yeah, they taste good! But geez, I could've ordered a case of Lay's for what this cost me in time and labor. Since I only had the four tubers, I'll have to try this again with thicker slices, or maybe as fries. I like the flavor! I just don't want to work that hard.


  1. ever tried microwaving them? may be worth a shot 'cos they are so darn delicious.

  2. Frustrating. I can't tell you how many times I've put energy and ingredients into making some item of food and it turns into a mess and a waste. Good for you for getting back up on the horse. I've had to pause and breathe for MONTHS between (my current example) attempts at making ravioli by hand. One day I'll get it!

  3. Are these the ones you picked up at H-Mart last month? Slice them a little thicker than you did and pan-fry them in a very shallow layer of oil. They turn crisp very quickly. Drain and then sprinkle some salt and red chilli powder or freshly crushed black pepper.

  4. Visiting from MOM NOS. I know what you mean about those labour intensive efforts and the experiments and the mess and suddenly wondering , 'why exactly am I trying to do this?'
    Best wishes

  5. It just wasn't your day. Leave the kitchen quick before someone gets hurt. You'll have better kitchen karma tomorrow.

  6. Thanks for sharing the experience. I have never tried this before.

  7. Hmm, Id like to give these a try too! Hopefully cutting them thicker will take care of things…