Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fuel sources

I'm always eager to spot the first flowers of the season. The early snowdrops and crocuses, then the daffodils, the grape hyacinth, the tulips. This year, though, I'm even excited to see the first dandelions. The sooner the nectar starts flowing in force, from no matter what kind of bloom, the sooner the bees are out of danger of starving. And the closer we are to swarm season.

Guess I'd better get cracking on acquiring a veil and such.


  1. Delightful! And, I must say, a bit of a coincidence...have a look at my blog to see why!

  2. Are you a bee keeper? Because if you are that is beyond cool.

    Haven't seen flowers around here yet! I can't wait.

  3. Kitt - I've had crocuses, violets and brave (if unsuccessful) forsythia since last week. Three daffodils started blooming last weekend and are still going strong. The tulips are up, getting bigger every day.

    Martha - What's your blog's URL so we can look.

    Claire in Boulder

  4. Claire -

  5. Martha, that's awesome! Great minds.

    Ari, I'm an accidental beekeeper for now, and a deliberate one later this spring, if the right swarm comes along.

    Claire, ain't it crazy?
    (A hint: If you click on a poster's name, you'll get their profile if they have one, including a link to their blog. But Martha made it even easier. Thanks, Martha.)

  6. Alas, we're still a few weeks away from flowers here - we have robbins though and that's a great sign!

  7. Dana, robins are a very good sign! They passed through here in great numbers a week ago.