Thursday, March 19, 2009

Kitt's-eye view

When I lived in South Dakota, most every air journey started with a 12-seat puddle-jumper to Minneapolis. The plane would fly just above Highway 12, propellers droning, and I could pick out all the landmarks I knew from driving the same route.

These days, the scale is bigger! No silos and steeples visible, but I still get a thrill from spotting the familiar. If you click the top photo, you can see it larger, and pick out the ski areas. Keystone is the large one just to the left of center, Copper Mountain is on the right. Lake Dillon is between them. If you know your mountains, you can also spot Loveland, A-Basin and Breckenridge.
Google satellite images are helpful for verification.

That flight eventually took me a few miles lower, right to sea level. The view was pretty nice there, too.

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