Thursday, March 12, 2009

My poodle is dorky, too

Schmutz on the cellphone camera lens gives this the soft focus of an '80s Glamour Shot.

Sophie is not thrilled to wear my old sweater, but when her teeth are chattering even indoors, drastic measures are necessary. She's like a little old lady who needs a coat even in the middle of summer.


  1. I think she looks pretty and those colors are great on her. She's clearly a winter.

  2. Fantastic shot. She is a glamazon to boot!

  3. Knit that child a proper sweater! If you don't, I might. But she is fetching. And you get points for recycling.

  4. Sophie looks elegant in those colors!

    Nice shot too Kitt!

  5. SO CUTE!!!
    oh wait, i'm sorry Sophie. You look very Glamorous! So Chic! :o)

  6. I definately agree that these are Sophie's colors!

  7. How about letting her fur grow out about an inch longer for insulation - like the adorable "puppy cut" with only toes and nose shave? But, in a pinch, the sweater is simply glam, dahling!

  8. Betts, too funny. She thinks she's a winter, too.

    Mimi, glamazon!

    JGH, she's my little fashion plate.

    Pam, it's a little late now, but I always want to get her cut-off hair spun into yarn so I could make a sweater for her from it.

    Thanks, Kathi and Blue!

    Kimchi, she appreciates the distinction ;-)

    Martha, she lucked out, being basic black to start with. She goes with everything!

    Zoomie, this is her first full-body haircut since September. Her hair was probably three inches long or more. But it's hard to cut that all off halfway, so the spring clip tends to be rather drastic.

  9. Ah, now I understand. Non-poodle owner's mistake. :-)