Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Do fence me in

You may recall this scene from Feb. 20, when I discovered that my aged fence posts decided they could no longer stand up to the relentless winter winds. They were probably 20 years old, so that's wasn't a surprise. Rebar and dog ropes kept the whole thing from blowing over until Chuck the Handyman could get here and set things right.
Chuck had his work cut out for him. A well-set fence post is anchored in concrete at least two feet deep. Three of the posts needed to be replaced. It took four hours.

Now I'm safely fenced in again (and yes, the missing pickets were put back up after I took this photo).
Time to go shopping for some post-toppers.

1 comment:

  1. I have the same kind of fence - it's only about 6 years old, but also took a beating in the wind storms recently!

    BTW, Kitt, if you are serious about the dollhouse furniture, I would love for you to have it. It would make me happy to give it to someone who will do something worthy with it, as I know you would! Just send me your address at nyackbackyard@gmail.com and I'll get it off to you!