Thursday, March 26, 2009

Salvage operation

You may recall that at the end of January I brought home a big hollow branch that had once housed bees. I wanted the comb for a swarm lure and also because beeswax is handy for a lot of things.

My bees enjoyed exploring it, looking for anything of value they could carry home – honey, pollen, propolis. But I couldn't let the log stay intact. I wanted the comb, and I didn't want a new swarm deciding that would be a good place to live. So today the jigsaw came out.
The weather was just cool enough that only a few bees came by to see what I was up to.

Here's a little video of the log. (I also filmed the actual sawing. Wow, was that ever boring.)
There were a fair number of dead bees in there, including a very small group of what appeared to be the original cluster. But it was clear that the hive had been thoroughly scavenged. That made pulling the comb out a non-sticky task. I got a good amount.
Melting this stuff down will be another adventure, involving pantyhose, and pots from Goodwill.


  1. You are one industrious lady! I will just stay home and eat popcorn and watch your results...

  2. wicked! This is turning out to be such fun!

  3. That's so cool. You're turning into quite the bee lady. What are you going to make with the melted honeycomb?

  4. Cool - cant wait to see what you make with the wax!

  5. Whoever would have thought that this could be a spectator sport? I'm vicariously enjoying your efforts.

  6. Candles! Dozens and dozens of candles. Maybe even some soap?

  7. Natashya, I don't know about industrious, but certainly ambitious!

    Glad you're enjoying it, Mimi and Claire!

    Betts, JGH and Pam, some candles possibly, but also inside the hives to help the bees start their comb. I'm not sure it's a good soap ingredient, but possibly for lip balm.