Monday, March 23, 2009

Floral parade

First, a couple of mysteries.

My neighbors have this lovely blooming shrub that I never noticed before. From a distance I thought they had hung decorations on it – the flowers all look so perfect and unusual.
What is it? If I had to guess, I'd say some kind of magnolia. It's about waist-high.

Then there's this orange shrub, which I've seen in many yards. I have no idea what it is. Do you?
We were supposed to get rain or snow today, but as far as I know, there was only a little drizzle this morning before I got up. Later this week, the highs will only be in the 30s. So they say. I don't believe them anymore.

The bees were going to town on this weeping cherry. I really notice bees everywhere now. You try it; go stand under a flowering tree (once your trees are flowering) for a few minutes. Whoa! There's a lot of bees there. It's delightful.
In another few days I'll have some delight indoors, too. I didn't get around to forcing dormancy on my amaryllis bulbs until Thanksgiving. Brought them out a couple of weeks ago and they all have bud stalks now.
I should repot this one, but it seems happy the way it is.


  1. Your first shrub, with the shaggy white flowers, is certainly a star magnolia (_magnolia stellata_). Did it have fuzzy buds? I'll bet it did. And the second one, I believe, is flowering quince.

    It'll be a while before these are blooming in New York, but there's a magnolia stellata along the path I take across the park, and I've been petting its buds for at least a month. It blooms very early, before the regular magnolias.

  2. yeah, that second pic definitely looks like branches of flowering quince i saw at the florist the other day! very beautiful blooms!
    and i'm so glad to hear the bees are out and about-- i can't wait to stand under a tree and listen/look for them in my neck of the woods.

  3. One of my favorite magnolias (the star magnolia). I had one in a pot for years and years. It got too big to plant in the ground and died. I really miss it and it is at the top of my dream plant wish list. They don't get to be very large and they are really prolific w/ the blooms.

  4. Yes..I agree star's lovely! ..and I would have picked an old fashioned briar rose..but on closer inspection can see it's not..I haven't heard of the flowering the colour..nice to see Spring making itself known in your neck of the woods! :D

  5. Love your photo of the amaryllis. I'd be happy if it stayed just like that. Bet your bees are happy!

  6. Whoa. Somehow I missed responding to the comments here! Ms. Brooklyn, you are exactly correct! Thank you so much for the IDs. I didn't notice the buds on the magnolia before, but I will look for them next year. Might be a shrub I need for my yard.

    Kimchi, I may need to get a quince, too, so I can bring some of the branches indoors. So cheery. If you're anywhere warm, i'll bet you've got bees buzzing about now.

    Molly, maybe it's time for another one?

    Gina, we have some copper roses here that are a similar shade and quite gorgeous, but they bloom much later. (I know it because I posted that as a previous mystery flower.)

    JGH, the amaryllis are starting to unfurl their flowers. Just wait!