Friday, March 27, 2009


I was having a fairly leisurely morning, thinking, "Gee, this monster storm they were talking about sure isn't amounting to much." Then I tried to get to work early and it took me nearly two hours to get there. Total gridlock in the middle of the blizzard.

And then I'm sitting there in traffic, a block from the office, and the car in front of me is not moving, despite having many opportunities to do so. I get out, run up and see that the driver, an old guy, is slumped over the steering wheel. I yank open the door and shake him, "Sir! Sir! Are you OK?" He wakes up. "Huh, wha ...? I'm fine. I was just resting."

Well, he was either drunk or having some kind of medical crisis. I told him he needed to pull out of traffic at the next street. Which he did, then did a U-turn and got right back on the road. This while I was on the phone with 911.

I was able to jump out of my car again and go after him (traffic wasn't really moving), but he refused to pull over again. The police and paramedics couldn't do anything, they said. But they put his license plate on their "Be on the lookout" list, whatever that means. Sheesh.

Oh and my friend Jenny turned out to be driving right behind me when all this was happening. Small – and weird – world.

My commute home only took 15 minutes. There are some good drifts but I don't think we got more than 6 inches at my house.


  1. wow... what a weird drive! Ms. Thing sure looks nice in her sweater though!

  2. Encore???? Hope you get some relief soon!

  3. Eventful to say the least! And yes, Sophie looks oh so cute in her (your) sweater. :)

  4. We finally got our doors open. Now digging paths to the studio and barns. Yeah, we didn't think it looked like much yesterday either. Mother Nature must be ROFLHAO!

    Drive carefully - we have glare ice under all the snow.


  5. Superheroine Kitt... keeping the road safe and the drivers honest. Way to go.

    Does this mean you'll get a chance to use that snow blower?

  6. Mimi, definitely Twilight Zone. I'm just glad I didn't have to do CPR in a blizzard.

    Lucy, not really "encore" since we haven't had any appreciable snowfall for months. It'll warm up again in a day or two.

    Jenny, I long for a peaceful life :-)

    Natashya, it's still there, lurking beneath the snow.

    Dani, it did seem a bit on the icy side yesterday, but today the streets are almost all clear again. Warm concrete combined with strong sun works wonders.

    Betts, here's the funny thing: somebody came through with a riding plow early today and cleared most of my (considerably long) sidewalk. I still had to shovel the porch and walkways, but I didn't need to get out the snowblower. Crazy.

  7. I'm glad for the snow, just for those photos.

  8. For an older dog, she has lots of get-up-n-get, doesn't she?

  9. Take out and use that snowblower that you bought, Kitt! It's about time.....

  10. Summer, no I didn't, as it turned out! Someone plowed most of my sidewalk for me. I thought Saturday's "blizzard" would bring another chance, but that sure was a fizzle.

    Thanks, Kathi.

    Zoomie, she's weirdly spry. She's all wobbly and uncoordinated, but she still leaps around like a puppy.

    Blue, it'll have to wait for next winter now.